As Mama says, one thing is true about our household,

"With these people (and puppies), life is never dull!"

Our Story

We are a family of seven--Daddy and Mommy plus four boys and one little princess. But that's only counting the humans. We have fish and, at times, frogs and lizards. Our most beloved pet is Cheyenne. She's our dog. A 4 year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever or Chessie for short. 

In September 2014, after obtaining the required clearances for Chessies, we bred Cheyenne to Ozzy. For the weeks that followed, she seemed hungry, tired, and thirsty. Her belly grew. Even her teats changed, and we thought for sure she was pregnant. Her x-ray surprised us along with these words from the vet, "Although Cheyenne is exhibiting signs of pregnancy, she is missing one thing: puppies. This is a "false pregnancy," which is actually very common in dogs."

Fast forward to December 2015. This time we bred Cheyenne with Rooster, another proven, Xanadu stud. This time, Cheyenne is clearly pregnant. We were 99.9999% sure when her belly looked like this 7 weeks after conception. That last .1111% of doubt erased the night we felt little wiggles.

"You're gonna be a Mama!"


With these signs of pregnancy, it fast became time to delegate and assign the division of labor. Not only would "Puppies!" mean an incredible life science experience for our homeschooling family and friends who will experience this together with us, but it is also an incredible opportunity to teach our children about business. 

Thus, my awesome husband obtained a domain name and sent us the link to Squarespace where we would create this website. Speaking of, Website Creation and Development is the job Daddy delegated to our two oldest sons, Matthew (16) and David (14). I am also part of both its contribution and oversight. 

But what about the Littles? What can Samuel (8), Rachel (almost 7), and Jonathan (5) contribute?

Why, they are the Puppy Managers! If you're curious about what a Puppy Manager may do, read the job description pictured above. The importance of Puppy Management must not be overlooked--especially because there are several DANGERS that these valuable employees can help us avoid.

For a list of these, see the DANGER ZONE list below. 

Save the puppies!

DDdd . . . DANGER Zone!

With a pregnancy confirmed more and more with each passing day and increasingly more wiggly wiggles, the Lee Cochran Family Puppy Project was born: Austin Chesapeakes.

Through this experience, we hope to learn and grow alongside our five children in the knowledge of life science and small business, while working together and making memories. Thanks for joining us along the journey!

Meet our #PuppyProject Team:

Daddy - Advisor

Mommy - Canine Midwife, Web Development, Blogging, Marketing & Sales

Matthew (16) & David (14) - Photography, Videography, Web Development, Blogging, Advanced Puppy Care

Samuel (8) - Senior Puppy Manager

Rachel (6) - Junior Puppy Manager

Jonathan (5) - Puppy Manager in Training