Puppy Ready at Last

In the fringes of everyday life and in direct answer to specific prayers, at last, we are puppy ready. Thanks also to the help of my trusty little assistant, my daughter Rachel, the Canine Delivery Ward has been prepared for Cheyenne's imminent labor & delivery.

Rachel thought Cheyenne needed a little something to eat to give her strength to deliver puppies.

Towels washed and ready. Puppy record chart printed. Collars ready.

Puppy nursery with heat lamp above ready to warm puppies while Cheyenne delivers a puppy so she won't step on it/them. Pillow cases ready to cover the basket to keep pups warm and away from drafts.

Puppy nursury and heat lamp.

Puppy nursury and heat lamp.

Various puppy supplies: sterile gloves, cord cutting, clamping, tying kit, nasal aspirator, scale, box for placentas, Karo syrup (quick energy for Cheyenne during labor), cup for ice chips.

Thank You, Lord. Cheyenne is smiling. She seems content here. The way she gazed into my eyes last night felt like a long thank you. I sensed she was at peace and rested knowing that, at last, THIS is where she will have her puppies.