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Will you love me forever?
— If Cheyenne's pups could talk

Looking for loving hearts and homes for our pups. These versatile dogs are bred for greatness. Great pets. Great hunters. Great champions.

Each pup will need a great master and/or forever family. Could that mean y-o-u? Contact us today to see if you and an Austin Chesapeake are a great fit.

*Countdown the days! Pups will be ready for local homes TBA. ** Flying pups can lift off TBA.

*Cheyenne bred in August 2017. Good news! Her pregnancy was confirmed via ultrasound on September 20. We're expecting Chesapeake Bay Retriever CHRISTMAS puppies sometime around October 18, 2017.

** Weather contingent and according to specific airline guidelines.

Austin Chesapeakes 

Austin, Texas

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