With the birth of four girl and two boy pups, six brand new Chessies have entered this world. The four, fashionable girls are wearing the Purple, Yellow, Brown, and Blue collars, whereas the boys sport the Black and Turquoise ones.

Although only three days old, the pups already display some of the distinct characteristics that make Chessies one of the best breeds anywhere. Their coats, which came in a nice variety of colors in this litter, already wave in their heads, shoulders, back, and loins. Based on the way they can crawl and climb across the baby pool, eyes unopened yet sniffing for milk, shows their exceptional strength and skill from the get go. We even see glimpses of their individual personalities.

Glad you're here to join us as we experience the joys of having bred our first litter of puppies to sell to the individuals or families that are a great fit for an Austin Chesapeakes puppy.

See our SIX puppies pictured below: Purple, Yellow, Brown, Blue, Black, and Turquoise. Scroll down to see a video, pics, and find links to individual puppy pages.

CLICK ON the colors listed below to visit each puppy's individual page. We will add pics, video, and more info as each one grows, changes, and shows us more of his/her unique traits and personality.


PURPLEThis is Artemis, born at 11:51 AM. She's the oldest. FEMALE. She weighed in at 12.5 oz. at birth. At three days old, Artemis weighed 1 lb., 6 oz. and gained 9.5 oz., averaging just over 3 oz. per day. She like to travel the trusty way to find her milk and hugs the edge of the puppy pool to guide her to the warm, fuzzy, milk-making mammal that is her mom.