To the Americal Kennel Club (AKC) Andie Cheyenne (Call name: Cheyenne) SR67674711 is a full pedigree, light deadgrass, Chesapeake Bay Retriever. To us, she's the sweet, loving, and very social family dog whom our clan knows and loves. Although she is a big girl, about 84 pounds of indoor dog, she thinks she's a lap dog. If it weren't for the four legs and whopper of a tail, Cheyenne may just mistake herself for a human. She is very much a part of our family.

We researched dog breeds for over a decade before choosing a Chessie as our family dog. Part of the wait was due to the season of life we were in: expanding our family from one to five children. We wanted a large breed dog that could "do stuff" (like hike, swim, and go on a long run) since we love adventure. The breed must be friendly and love children, yet remain loyal and offer protection for the family. After much thought, prayer, and research--we decided a Chesapeake Bay Retriever was the right fit for our family. 

True to the qualities that characterize this breed, Cheyenne is a very friendly and loyal dog that has "adopted" even the youngest member of our family, yet she has just enough watch dog in her to notify us of an unknown visitor and protect us if she gets a negative vibe. In a given day, you would find her walking around the house with a ball in her mouth, hugged by/hanged on/rubbed down/ridden around--loved by the kids, and sleeping at your sitting-at-a-desk feet. At times she is a shadow, but has learned commands like "Sit," "Stay," "Place," "Lay down," and "No kitchen!" (unless of course, she is summoned to "Clean it."). The kids like this command: "Shake."

Cheyenne also thinks that part of every good dog day is taking another nap. Since she's not responsible for breadmaking or bread-winning--why not nap? But if there's a knock at the door, Cheyenne almost always assumes the guest has come to see her.  Although we keep her food in the garage, when this pooch is hungry, you would find her standing there with her head staring into the pantry, giving it "the vibe." During the hot Texas summer, Cheyenne will swim in the lake for hours fetching a ball or stick, even if it's too deep to touch the ground! Mama thinks she is a fine partner for a brisk walk or run, and she feels safer exercising dark 'n early with her Chessie.

Recently we had the honor of breeding Cheyenne to a Xanadu Champion stud named Rooster. Excited for the opportunity generated by having pups, and ready to experience raising puppies for the first time, we hope to raise a great bunch of dogs. Our Chessies were bred to be great pets, companions, gun dogs, or perhaps even Champions.

We went to great lengths to bring to you great pups. To continue the purity and quality of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever bloodline, we obtained all required certifications and clearances to breed Cheyenne to Rooster, using the stud service of our reputable breeder, Candy Van Duzer, of Xanadu Kennels. She has 30 years breeding experience and we were honored to have bred Cheyenne to a Xanadu Champion.

Cheyenne's health record and DNA/genetic testing results: Fully vaccinated. Brucella negative. DM and EIC clear. OFA elbows normal. OFA hips good. OFA CERF free and clear. PRA carrier covered by clear stud. Paperwork available upon request.

Here are some pictures showing how loving and active a dog is our pet, Cheyenne.