Meet Sierra

Meet Sierra.jpg

Next in line to breed . . .

Queen Sierra, the yellow puppy we kept from Cheyenne's first litter in 2016 is ready to breed during her next heat (ETA Jan/Feb 2018).


Practice Mom

Once Sierra sniffed out the new puppy situation, she EMBRACED motherhood. Taking over at least 50% of the "diaper changes" and puppy bathing for her half sisters, Mama Cheyenne enjoyed the benefits of FREE puppy-sitting and a little extra sleep. 

Let me qualify that by saying Sierra showed Mama readiness in every area (bathing, diaper changing, playing, snuggling) of puppy care EXCEPT nursing. If you want to see Sierra leap, help a blind puppy find her teats. It was quite hilarious to watch Sierra with the puppies.

We're encouraged that Sierra has shown eagerness to be a mama during her 7 week practice session "mothering" her little half sisters. We plan to breed Sierra during her next heat--probably sometime around Jan/Feb 2018. If all goes well and she takes,  we should have spring puppies.