Hi, I'm BLUE. I'm a FEMALE! I was born at 3:13 PM on Thursday, 2/11, 2016. I'm growing fast!

Newborn: 1.25 oz.

3 days: 1 lb. 13 oz.

6 days old: I got my dewclaws removed today. I survived!

1 week: 3 lb. 

2 weeks: 4 lbs. 1 oz.

2/27/2016: I didn't make a fuss. That deworming med tasted yum, so I licked it up.

Blue's Photo Show @2 weeks old

3 weeks: 5 lbs. 8 oz.

3/8/2016: Pups, like babies, want to eat. We NEED to eat. I mean we really need to eat alot. And often. How else do you expect us to grow up into a big dogs like our parents? So, yeah. The other night, weeelll, it was a little bit more like morning. Or maybe you'd call it in the middle of night and morning. Whenever it was, it was dark. Like really dark.

Well, you see, I was hungry. And so were my siblings, so we cried. Loud. Our mama fed us as much as she could, but we all thought we may be dying. It was serious! To our rescue came the lady with the camera and the man she likes to hug. They made us "Puppy Soup" to satisfy our tummies. 

As of today, 3/9/2016, I am still available. I'm a female Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy. My collar color is BLUE, but the people who take care of me call me "Bluebonnet." My coat is a light deadgrass like my mama. You can see that I like to play in these pictures. The lady with the camera says, "If you look close enough, Bluebonnet has the dirt upon her nose to prove it." 

I love to be held, as well. And of course I like to eat. And sleep. Afterall, I am a puppy. Who wants to put down a deposit on me and love me forever? The people who take care of me say I'm a great puppy. In fact, the Senior Puppy Manager is actively trying to see how he can convince his daddy that they should keep me.

3/11/2016: It happened. It really did. On my one-month birthday, it was settled. I'm going to live in Utah. On the side of a mountain, I hear. And there will be a dad and a mom and a daughter at home to love me. And grown-up siblings and grandkids will get to come visit me. And other dogs live there, too. Like I will have family and friends to love and they'll love me back, and we'll eat well and explore the great outdoors. Afterwards, we'll lounge around and take a nap. 

The lady with the camera thinks I'm gonna own that mountain. Really gonna "thrive" there, she said. Yep. All the critters that'll come 'round there--beware. I'll show 'em who is boss. My friends and I--we're gonna own that mountain in Utah.

4 weeks: 8 lbs. 2 oz.

3/13/2016: It actually wasn't that bad. Kinda like Mama's milk actually. Oh, don't get me started on that warm, creamy, delicious, satisfying substance that leaves me begging back for more. Yeah, so I would reccommend that deworming milk, or whatever you call it.

5 weeks: 9 lbs. 4 oz.

It's fun. It's work. It's exhausting. But like I said, "I'm gonna own this mountain in Utah." And I'm so loved here. My big people. Their little people. Every day is as good as a warm, cozy nap. Oh, and my new name is Mia Neveah.